Our system will enable you to earn over £700 per day with ease..

Prepsys is a subsidiary of KCT Photography Limited who have been photographing at pre-schools and schools for over ten years and have over this time been known as unique in producing memories that last a lifetime for thousands of parents. 

Using Prepsys you manage near enough everything in-house. A complete A-Z guide and computer software package that ultimately gives you the edge and the additional profit.

You will also receive ongoing assistance and support well into the future.


Why are we so unique..

We have developed a system to produce unlimited poses from which parents can choose, making their own packs from whilst offering an unrivalled range of print sizes and gifts. Using our own comprehensive computer system together with off the shelf software you can quickly edit photographs, process and produce orders.


Working efficiently and keeping most tasks in house you provide a first class unique service whilst retaining the profits and creating memories that last a lifetime for delighted families.