PrepSys Services

Purchase a PREPSYS licence and you will gain all the knowledge and processes we have acquired and perfected over the past 10 years..

Our system will enable you to earn over £700 per day with ease.

By purchasing a licence from Prepsys you will also receive our licensee manual which will explain fully all of the following knowledge:-

  • How to set up a pre-school photography business from scratch right down to office layout.
  • How to source business.
  • How to deal with bookings.
  • Equipment & mobile studio setup.
  • How to photograph children. We’ll show you our poses that work and how to get the best out of children.
  • How to edit quickly, produce multiple pose proof sheets and order forms quickly and cost effectively all in house.
  • How to process orders quickly right through to production sheets.
  • Backup processes & online systems
  • What products sell – Unique products to be different
  • What suppliers to use.
  • We cover everything from our ten plus years of experience so you can get up and running a successful pre-school photography business immediately.
  • We supply all our documentation, posters, order forms, spreadsheets and templates

In addition, for an ongoing fee of £75/month you will have access to PREPSYS , our in-house computer system which handles near enough all administrative matters, orders, production, accounts, tasks and marketing. 
Using Prepsys you manage near enough everything in-house giving you control which ultimately gives you the edge and the additional profit.

And, once with us you will receive ongoing assistance and support.


Call 01472 280181 or email and we will visit you to show you the system without any obligation.

As we believe the system will sell itself we guarantee no hardsell and once we have met to show you how it all works we’ll hold you post code area for 48 hours for you to decide whether its for you or not.